25 April 2011


At the end of every day Adam and I are exhausted. Even on days when we do very little, the evening rolls around and we're in bed earlier than we'd like to admit. We sleep all night and still feel exhausted. Today we decided it will probably be weeks before we feel rested again. There's just so much to do.

This morning I met a Flickr friend for coffee. It was good to talk, to put a face with a name. While I was gone Adam and a friend were trying to install a new drum in our dryer, the one that broke just before Mardi Gras causing us to give up using the dryer for Lent instead of giving up nothing. Unfortunately, the parts don't fit and we'll be without a dryer for the duration of our stay at this house. And Lily spent her day under the weather with a low-grade fever, which didn't help the dryer not fitting right fiasco.

But what can we do? We're just riding this train from here on out: a yard sale Saturday, Lily's birthday Sunday, the end of the semester next week, Adam's birthday, then we're on our way north. It's sort of incredible that we're doing this and sort of not incredible that we're so tired. So I won't feel bad about lounging around watching TV and going to bed early. Eventually this will all even itself out.


kate o. said...

anticipation is exhausting. anticipating lists and chores and what's ahead. makes me want to take a permanent nap.

embrace the 8pm bedtime ;)

praying for you.

RW said...

found you through twitter.

exhaustion. I know it. But, mine is more mental. I have two 16 year olds and the emotional energy required is something I never expected... but we are making it through.

I look forward to reading more.

sandra said...

I know that exhaustion. It's challenging without a doubt. Just don't feel bad about getting the extra rest, it really does help. I hope that everything evens out for you really soon.