24 April 2011

All Things Easter and Otherwise

This week we did so many things.

We hunted eggs and celebrated a little friend's second birthday. We thought we sold our truck, learned the buyer's loan was denied, and immediately got a call from another buyer who had cash. We packed and ruthlessly reduced our wardrobes. I got a new freelance job, had a panic attack, and realized it will all work out in the end.

Adam and I went out for the first time in two months. We had dinner with friends, one of whom gave me four rolls of film. That on top of the seven rolls I had ordered that were delivered a few days before, and I would say that I am set on film for quite some time. The butter was even bumped from its compartment in the fridge because of all that film!

Today I saw the local photo shop is taking old photo equipment for cash. We have a few old cameras kicking around here (including the one that malfunctioned near Lily's birth) and I'm hoping I might get enough cash to buy a few more rolls of film. However, if it's enough to buy one of these, I'd take that over film any day.

Happy Easter! He is risen, indeed!

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