27 April 2011

Bye bye, Truck. Hello, Dryer

We sold our truck. Yesterday we took our last ride in it as a family. It's the truck Adam took me out on our first date in, the truck we shared for almost a year when we were first married. And because we're moving and because we hope to someday become a family of four and because our car is in better shape than the truck, we sold it and now it's gone.

So we're temporarily a one-car family. Hopefully it won't be for long.

On a very good note, our dryer is working again. Turns out that we had the right parts all along, but didn't realize it (this is what happens when you try to save money and install things yourselves). A quick search on youtube and an hour turning screws and the dryer is a-tumblin' again. I'll admit I got a little giddy about it. I ran around the house gathering all of my pants that needed to be shrunk back to size and all of the towels, which were rough from line drying. I happily spent the afternoon doing laundry.

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