07 March 2011

What Can't Legos Fix?

Lily was still asleep. She slept late this morning and was back in bed for a nap before eleven. Unusual, but I could tell she wasn't feeling well. I sat at the table with a bowl of grapefruit and yesterday's crossword. The dryer was clunking in the back room, a noise that started this week but one that I was fully prepared to ignore until absolutely necessary. 

The clunk got suddenly louder. Ours is one where the dryer sits atop the washer in one unit. One of the knobs popped off the front of the machine. I pulled the door open. Perhaps I wouldn't use it for a while. A few minutes later, when I went to the back door to let the dog in, the entire back of the house was flooding from the overflowing washer. Perhaps having an adjoining washer and dryer is not such a good idea. I said something like, "Oh, s*gar!" and called Adam. Rubber boots on, mop in hand, I got to work sloshing water out the back door.

Long story short: No washer, no dryer. 

So when Lily finally got up, after a four hour nap, Legos were in order. Is there anything Legos can't fix? We think not. I make towers of Legos; she pulls them apart. It's a nice balance. 

As for the washer and dryer, we'll have to see what our landlord says. Thankfully we can lug our wet laundry and the piles of wet towels to a friend's house tomorrow and use hers. Very thankfully.

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