26 April 2010

Back in Action

Here we are. All better. The bout of sickness bounced from us to our friends and their children. It was a long two weeks. I finally realized that my cold blurred into allergies, and now I'm a big believer in the neti pot (though I admit that it's a bit ridiculous, especially when my loving husband is watching saline solution trickle from my nostril and I'm trying not to laugh and choke).

The break from blogging and my usual online routine was nice, too. Having a smartphone has turned out to be a good thing and not the dominating force I expected it to be. My inadvertent blog break gave me time to think about real life vs. online life, and when I read this post this morning, I decided it might be time to scale back.

When I get a little time, I'm planning to change the privacy settings on my Flickr photos. Without an account, people will still be able to see some of my photos, just not those of Lily and her little friends. To see those ones, you'll need to sign up for an account, which is free, and make me a contact. No biggie. This is important to protecting the little ones' privacy, as well as my own. [Done on 04/28/10. A Flickr account is now required to see these photos.]

Speaking of privacy, Facebook just changed its settings (again). Here's a little tutorial on how to protect yourself.

Happy Monday, all!

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