14 April 2010

At Our House

We're all a bit under the weather around here. Some of us more than others. Lily got sick on Saturday when I was with friends at the beach. She started running a fever that didn't break until Sunday around noon. Then she perked up and developed a cough that sounded like a seal's bark. So we went to the pediatrician and found that she has croup.

In the meantime, I developed a sinus-throat-cough thing that's left me all but useless. Thankfully, Lily is spending more time in bed than not, so I have time to lie on the couch, and watch movies and rest. Adam also developed a cough.

As much as I want to whimper and whine when I'm sick, being a mother has toughened me up a bit. I might have collapsed in Adam's arms last night, but it was more from exhaustion than anything else. I'm trying to buck up and revel in all the sweaty-baby holding and thumb-sucking cuddles, hoping we'll all be well by week's end.

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kate o. said...

omar and i like to tell all of our parent-friends never to dismiss the wonders of a good low-grade kiddo fever. it usually equals mellowed kids, extra snuggles, and (hopefully) extra naps.