28 April 2010

One Thing or Another

Thankfully, my new phone takes halfway decent photos. Today we went to the park to have lunch and listen to music with friends, and I realized on the way that I forgot my fancy camera. No problem. Snap photo, upload to Flickr, edit later and -- voila! -- our picnic lunch.

The internal clock in Lily's head seems to be sounding that she's about to turn one because we're in the throes of transition -- from sitting to standing, from two naps a day to one, from being agreeable to exerting an opinion.

A friend just told me that from one year old to two is the best of babyhood, and I'm looking forward to it, but I still ran to the library to pick up The Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers hoping to get some guidance for what's to come. I'm trying to stay mindful that everything is brand new to Lily and she's not usually being annoying for the sake of annoying me. She wants to explore and learn and practice weird things over and over. Like holding a lip gloss and a chapstick in one hand when last week she could only hold one at a time. Not a big deal to me because I could probably hold six, but to her it's quite a feat.

The difficulty is coming in rearranging the nap schedule. Lily has been taking a morning nap and fighting the afternoon one, so I'm trying to get her to push through to noon and take one long nap. Not as easy as it sounds, but we're getting there. Of course, there are afternoons like today when I lay her down and then hear her bouncing around her crib and giggling. I mean, she looks like she's having a lot of fun in there but settle down already.

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Alissa said...

OMG, I totally want to be able to do that on my bed.