09 April 2010

Why I Shouldn't Say Things Out Loud

Hi. My name is Lindsay. And apparently I'm a hypocrite. Serves me right that I affirm my position as a non-smartphone user and find myself at the Verizon store the next day getting sucked into a great deal on a smartphone. Tsk tsk.

All day I had my little hands all over my new phone, mostly in an effort to figure the darn thing out since it has the absolute worst instruction manual ever. I guess it's mean to be so intuitive that you pick it up and the ability to navigate the menus will magically befall your fingers. Well, not me. It took me over an hour just to figure out how to give Adam his own ring tone. An hour! But, thankfully, I did figure it out.

So, yes, I am now cool. I'm am so 21st century. I am with it. And I am connected 24/7.


Sophia said...

that's tooooooo funny!
sucker! jk. :)

Lindsay said...

I'm totally hanging my head in shame. We're both smartphone users now, right?