20 May 2011

We Made It

To say that this move has been stressful and overwhelming is an understatement. What I didn't anticipate is how love would carry me through the exhaustion and impatience. I didn't know that I would wake with at 5:30 a.m. to be cuddled and kissed by my two year-old. I didn't know that she would insist that we hold hands walking through the house and through the yard. I didn't know that we would pick dandelions and make necklaces out of them. I didn't know that she would suddenly learn fifty new words that make understanding her so much easier.

Of course there is a flip side to that coin, but it's just too hard to face. If I don't focus on the good things, the lovely things, then I'll never make it. And there are so many good things: girls' nights drinking margaritas, baseball games, long chats with loved ones, cool weather, long drives, soft grass. Normal may be a long way off, but we'll find it again, I'm sure. Our journey is just beginning.

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Christine said...

yay for spring in the Northeast! enjoy! look forward to hearing all about your adventures.