06 May 2011

Seven More Days

This morning I woke up with knots in my stomach -- good knots, excited knots. This is the last Friday I will live in Alabama. I've been waiting for the rush of adrenaline that will carry me through to the end, and it's here, able to be summoned at whim. I suspected it would come at the end of the semester, and it has. Classes ended yesterday. My students sent me off with smiles and well wishes. They don't know how exhausted I've been or how burned out I feel or how ready I am to just go.

It was three months ago that we caught wind of the job that started this whole thing. Three months is a long time when you're waiting. Then, earlier this week, Adam received the offer we've waited all this time for. It was like I could finally exhale. I slept well that night.

I didn't know when I met Adam that we would be so adventurous. We didn't know all the leaps of faith that we'd take; all we knew was that we wanted to take them together. Yesterday, as we were talking about how stressful everything has been, he told me that he wouldn't want to move home with anyone else. We're in this for the long haul, and the adventure is far from over.

We still have seven more days here. So we'll wait a little longer -- just a little bit.

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sandra said...

I'm so glad that everything is finally coming together for you and that the job offer finally was made. Exciting days ahead for sure!