29 April 2011

Executive Decisions

So, you know, we're moving in two weeks. Two weeks from today. And, oh my goodness, that is soon. So, we have been forced to make some executive decisions.

Adam was offered to be deployed to northern Alabama to help search for missing people. He said no, which is proving to be good because it looks like all the folks who headed that way will be gone for over a week.

We decided that we would forgo having a yard sale. I'm too tired to get everything ready and haggle with strangers on my front lawn, so a lot of our stuff is headed to Goodwill.

We are also not going to do any more formal grocery shopping. You have no idea what a relief this is. I want to throw away as little food as possible, but I know we'll end up toting some of it north. I just want to limit how much we actually take and don't want to restock our entire supply. (Any tips on how to do this most effective are warmly welcomed.)
This morning we went to the Exploreum, which was a lot of fun. We ended up seeing "giant insects" and a live animal show that gave us the opportunity to show Lily what a horse looks like. A lot different from the pages of her Sandra Boynton books, for sure.

Side note: I wrote a little essay for the Curator about our impending move. You can read it here.

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