30 March 2009

Camera Woes, Continued

I'm sad to say our camera is out of commission again. Friday evening, I went to upload a few pictures, including one I had just taken of my ever-growing belly, and the camera wouldn't turn on. I'm about 95% sure the battery isn't dead, and considering what happened with it last weekend, I wasn't surprised that it wasn't miraculously healed like I hoped. Saturday, Adam and I took it to the camera shop only to find that the shop is only open Monday through Friday from 9-5, so he has to get there when he can during the week. I told him he has to overemphasize the direness of our knowing if it's repairable, like we need to know by this weekend if we have to buy a new camera. Part of me hopes we do because I'd love a nice new camera just in time for the baby, and my dad offered to help us out as part of Adam's birthday gift if we need a new one. (Adam turns 30 next month. Shh. He doesn't want anyone to know.)

Until we figure this out, no new photos from me. And I'm still pretty bummed about it.

We had a wild but wonderful weekend:

*A doctor's appointment. No progress yet, but there's plenty of time.

*A crazy thunderstorm Friday night. It was raining 6-12 inches an hour and some people were flooded out of their homes. We live on pretty high ground and were okay. And our garden looks to be flourishing even though it was flooded again.

*Shopping, then organizing the house.

*Naps all around.

*The most delicious buffalo chicken dinner I've had in a long time and basketball watching.


*Having maternity photographs taken.

*Hanging around the fire station with Adam and enjoying a steak dinner.

*More basketball.

It was a superb weekend, but I hate coming in to work on Monday tired. Thankfully, I only have a week and a half left of work!

Happy Monday!

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