04 November 2010

This and That

I learned today that the drinks at Starbucks are made with 2% milk, not whole milk. A long, long time ago when I was a barrista, drinks were made with whole milk unless specified otherwise. But today when I told the barrista I didn't want whipped cream because whole milk was enough for me, she informed me that my drink was actually made with 2%. Okay, then.

Lily's pediatrician gave me this article to read, which he says changed his mind about Dr. Sears and the alternative vaccination schedule. After reading it, though, my mind remains unchanged. I think the Vaccine Book is filled with a lot of floundering and uncertainty, and it probably puts a lot of unreasonable fear in other parents' hearts. Still, I don't think that spreading out vaccinations is a problem.

Yesterday, Lily told me "No, no, no" for the first time. I proceeded to laugh so hard that I got the hiccups. I told Adam that I had hoped that we'd just skip the "No" phase. "Really?" was all he said.

Since we've lived in this house, a total of fourteen months, we have broken three mugs, four wine glasses, and my beloved mason drinking glass. I think the house might be cursed. I did buy this coffee mug, which makes me happy every morning, and I think we should buy some cool red wine glasses to make up for the ones we've lost, since the wine glasses we got for our wedding are non-red-wine-specific (aka. not cool).


Joann said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly on the vaccine issue. It seems like they want to pump an awful lot of stuff into a tiny baby all at once. I actually have decided, for the moment anyway, to cease vaccinating. Allen has never had the first one. Coincidentally, he has also been my healthiest baby.

kate o. said...

i was a bit miffed when starbucks made the change a year or so ago (or was it 2??). about half the time i forget to ask for whole milk and now 2 percent just tastes a bit watery.

i remember asher joining the "no" bandwagon with gusto at around 15 months. elisha kind of eased into it but asher? whoah. full on and overnight.