08 November 2010

Weekend Wedding

This weekend we took Lily to her first wedding. It was outdoors, which even in Alabama is cold on a November afternoon. So we bundled up and dressed Lily in layer upon layer of clothes, and headed to the most charming and lovely wedding I've ever been to. We ate and drank and spun our little toddler around the dance floor.

And I ran around snapping photos of this and that. I had been to this venue before, a long time ago when I edited a wedding magazine, and it's quite amazing, especially at sundown. There was even a glass chandelier hung from a live oak above the bride and groom. Stunning.

I even thought, maybe I'd consider wedding photography someday. And maybe I will. Someday.


Christine said...

gorgeous, love the chandelier. and you two are a cute couple.

kate o. said...

that first picture is just great. love all the white hair.

Sophia said...

not to sound like a broken- record... your pics are great!

and glad you guys got a night out! :)