02 November 2010

18 Months

Yesterday, Lily was 18 months. At this point, half birthdays have surpassed month-day celebrations, so this was a milestone. Here's the scoop on Lily at one-and-a-half.

--Not just walking, but walking fast. Uphill is good. Downhill or small inclines, not so good.

--Can identify a flurry of body parts including, but not limited to, piggies, buns, teeth, and hair.

--Says mama, dada, uh-oh, bye-bye, teeth, bath, shoes, and several other words including what animals say. See?

--Wants to read a million books a day. Sleeps well but wakes up around 5 every morning screaming. Eats carbs like it's going out of style. Can manipulate a spoon and occasionally stack blocks or cups. Likes to chase Penny around the house, squealing.

All in all, the coolest 18 month-old I've ever known.

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