29 August 2009


Something amazing happened yesterday. Something that hasn't happened in a long time. I woke up to an empty house! I was totally alone. Adam had taken Lily out on an errand, and I rolled out of bed, brushed my teeth, and realized that it was the first time in months I had been alone in the house. How I have missed being alone in the house!

I expect that it won't happen again any time soon, but I look forward to when it does.

We spent the rest of the day working. I prepared for next week's classes and Adam mowed the lawn at the new house. We bought a table and dresser from our neighbor who was having a yard sale, then took everything that was already packed from our previous move to the new place. It was quite a bit. When we returned, our cat emerged from behind the couch, looked around, and was noticeably confused. A bookcase and a dresser are both missing from the living room, and it was obvious that she didn't get it. Poor thing.

While we were moving things in, we met the neighbors across the street who had nothing but praises for the neighborhood. We were both pleased. In light of everything that's happened with our current neighbors, it was refreshing to hear that the new neighbors are quite neighborly.

(On a side note, the neighbors who sent us the letters and who prompted me to call the police are going to be evicted by their landlord because of all this. Apparently, the one neighbor receives a disability check from the government because she's got "a mental problem, but she doesn't". That's what the landlord told us. But I'm pretty sure she does. Have a mental problem, that is.)

In the meantime, I think Lily is starting to teethe. She's been gnawing on my fingers nonstop. She's also reduced her nap times by half in the last week, which makes me yearn for days when I had nothing to do but care for her. As much as I'm glad to be able to teach, it kills me to have my attention divided the way it is. It's actually much more difficult than I anticipated.

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kate o. said...

hooray for good neighbors that aren't crazy.

and hooray for waking up to an empty house. omar took the boys out for the evening last week and it was so great and so quiet.

great photo, too!