01 June 2011

One Month

The word everyone says when they ask about us these days is "settled." Are we settled yet? No, not even close, but it's coming a little at a time. Adam started his new job yesterday, which is both exciting and nerve wracking since he takes off with the only vehicle we own, leaving Lily and me to figure out how to keep ourselves busy at his parents' house. The next very important step to getting settled is getting another car. We're working on it.

A month from now we'll be moving into our own place, a place which we can make into a home. This seems critical to the idea of being settled and normal again. I was surprised that when we were at the lake this weekend all I wanted to do was come back to the homestead (what I've been calling my in-laws' house) and sleep in my own bed, the only thing I have that feels like home. Not even the lake in all of its glory could remedy my need home. One month to go, then we can talk about getting settled.

1 comment:

kate o. said...

can't wait to hear more/see more about your new place.

i love my bed, too. ;)