05 June 2011

At the Ball Park

Huddled near the dugout are a handful of folks, cameras in hand. They have lenses longer than my arm and can no doubt get the closeup shot I never will with my dinky 18-55mm lens. However, I'm here to say that no matter what camera you have or what average lens you use, you don't need fancy equipment to make a photo unique and special.

I'm not here to toot my own horn, just to say that spending thousands of dollars on special equipment doesn't necessarily make you a good (or better) photographer, and it isn't required to take a good shot. What is required is creativity and practice (seriously, practice is key!). I'll say what I've already said a thousand times: the 365 project changed the way I take photographs and made me a better photographer. I am grateful for what my little kit lens can do, though I have my eye on a new lens, which I hope to get very soon.

At any rate, my brother had a baseball game today and it turned out to be a beautiful day for baseball. It was seventy and sunny, and though the game ended in a loss, the day was lovely. In fact, this weekend was pretty perfect: we bought a car, went on a date, slept late, and took a long drive to an exciting baseball game. Yes, it was very, very good.

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jessie said...

I got a 50mm not to long ago and love it! I wish I had more time to play with it, though.