17 January 2011

Freelance Writer, Editor, Photographer

Today has not gone as planned. I thought I was going to tell you all about how much I want a Holga camera from Urban Outfitters. I was going to tell you that it's only $48 and then I was going to beg for volunteers to contribute to my Holga fund.

But no. Today, the day before the semester starts, I found out that one of my classes was canceled due to low enrollment, a slight blow to my family's economic well-being.

Today I also dropped off my slow-going roll of black and white film for processing at a local camera shop (not Walgreens, where I usually get my film processed). When I returned home with the negatives and the disc of photo scans, I was assaulted by all of the scratches on the scans. Look at these photos closely and you can see the scratches. See the one on my nose? And the white streak across the photos of Lily and Adam? It's more infuriating than losing one of my classes. And now I have to go back, ask what happened, and see if they can fix it. Irritating.

Anyway, about work . . .

Surprisingly, I have a peaceful feeling about it. Maybe it's an answer to prayer, an answer to the question of what do I with my life. One door is closing (well, halfway), and who knows what might open. I already have two leads on freelance work that came within minutes of learning about my canceled class. God's providence? I think so.

So I'm here to say, loud and clear, that I am available for freelance writing and editing work. I am also available for freelance photography work. If you have a lead, let me know.

I'm also here to say that I'll take any and all contributions to the Lindsay Crandall Holga Fund. Your contribution will ensure you receive a complimentary print or two of any of my photographs. And who doesn't want that?


HolgaDirect said...

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julie said...

aw, sorry to hear that, lindsay. :( even though it's late, you might check with other schools in case they have a teacher who suddenly has to drop a class or if they need to open up an extra class. when i initially applied to adjunct, a lot of places called me extremely last minute that i had to turn down 'cause i'd already taken on classes elsewhere.

i think i asked this before, but have you thought about writing for parenting magazines? or crafting mags? if you haven't checked out mediabistro.com yet, you totally should. let me know if you want to see any of the "how to pitch" articles in full and i'll send you a copy -- they are very helpful. my other plan this year is to reach out to alumni magazines -- you might want to talk with the editor at the school you're teaching at. alumni mags often need writers, and they pay well.

how does one contribute to the holga fund? :)