18 January 2011

Happiness, Today

Lily has started initiating the blessing before our meals. At first she kept reaching out her hands to us and I thought she wanted something. She did. She wanted to pray, and she prefers we keep our prayers short, like five words or less. Amen.

Lily has also been under the weather, and when she woke from her nap this afternoon, she and I cuddled and I played with her hair and she sucked her thumb. I'll take more of that.

I have a handful of freelance prospects -- folks to call, meetings to attend, and some work already in place. Also, Adam was hired for a second job this afternoon. All this since noon yesterday. What can I say? God is good.

I've had two people offer to contribute to my Holga fund! I didn't expect anyone to help out, and I'm so pleasantly surprised. I'm still taking contributions and will reciprocate with a few prints of my photos. Just leave me a comment or send me an email.

I am feeling incredibly blessed by the good people in my life. Some I have known for many years; others I have never met in real life. But these people are true friends. They encourage my hopes and dreams. They believe in me. For them I am truly thankful. (You know who you are.)

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rach said...

mmmmmm cupcake wine. not a merlot fan but love their cab!