21 August 2010

What I Read This Week

26 :: 52
The Creative Family by Amanda Blake Soule -- A book for the creatively challenged family. Most of it you could probably make up yourself or find on the internet.
27 :: 52
I Love Dirt! by Jennifer Ward -- A book for people who like to be outdoors and aren't sure what to show their kids while they're there. Some good ideas here.
28 :: 52
Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson -- A book for people who want to take better photographs. I learned a ton from this!

1 comment:

kate o. said...

look at you knocking out 3 books this week! i'm impressed.

i just got my own copy of "understanding exposure" (new edition released last week!) so now i'm going to actually sit and read through it and not flit from page to page. his books are great.