20 August 2010

Resting, Sabbathing, and Naked Hot Tubbing

My day at the spaMy day at the spaMy day at the spa
I never would have guessed how quickly I would need a break after our return from vacation. But it was quick. Probably because Adam has worked and worked and worked, and often when he's home he's sleeping off an overnight shift. I've been left to take care of the little girl, keep the house in some sort of working order, plan out the next four months of my teaching life, and write an article. It doesn't seem like much, but it's a lot when there really isn't a time to recharge.

So my beloved husband booked me a day at the spa. A massage, a pedicure, and lounging around while drinking mimosas. I even went au naturale in the hot tub (don't worry, it was semiprivate). And I was there for a total of five hours. Five. whole. hours. It was worth every penny (lots and lots of pennies).

Through all this I've learned an important lesson about the Sabbath. I had thought that I'd always take my Sabbath on Sunday this semester, in an effort to truly recharge before tackling another week of teaching. Though I plan to stick to that when I can, I realize I can't take a Sabbath when Adam isn't here. It just isn't restful. I need another pair of hands (or ideally someone to take Lily for a while) in order to recharge.

As a mom and a wife, the Sabbath will never be completely restful -- meals must be made, diapers washed, a teething baby won't stop moaning -- but it is much more so with a partner. Much more so.

Of course, a day at the spa doesn't hurt.

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Christine said...

Great thoughts. And that spa looks HEAVENLY.