15 July 2010

Lily Love List

Please, Mama
This is the little face I love. Today she's 14.5 months old, which only means something if you are her mother (and maybe her grandma). But every day we have together is a day to celebrate.

I love Lily at 14.5 months because:

:: when she tries to stand on her own, it's like a gymnastic event of Olympic proportions

:: she makes me walk with her around the house at least 400 times a day, which has proven to be good for my glutes and thighs

:: she knows the answer to questions like, "Are you hungry?", which prompts to her to scoot to her high chair if she is, and "Are you ready for your bath?", which causes her to flail around in excitement

:: she gets equally excited for a ride in her stroller as she does for a bath

:: her hair is long enough for a ponytail

:: she still takes two naps a day (!!!)

:: we giggle and tickle and bounce around and it never, ever gets old

:: there is nothing in this world I would rather do than stay up all night holding her to my chest and listening to her breathe when she's sick

:: she still scoots, and it's still awesome

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kate o. said...

omar and i just got some good laughing in watching those videos. i love it.