13 July 2010

Summer Love List

12 July
I'm not a big fan of Southern summers, and lately I've complained that I have reverse Seasonal Affective Disorder. All the slimy sweatiness and having to wring out my undergarments after being out for just a few minutes has really bummed me out this year. So in the spirit of embracing the good and being a non-complainer, I've made a list of reasons why I love this summer:

:: Adam grilling a lot

:: watermelon

:: the kiddie pool

:: afternoon thunderstorms

:: seasonal beer

:: the habit collaboration

:: pony and pigtails

:: impromptu sewing projects

:: early morning walks (followed by a cool shower)

:: garden veggies

:: morning and afternoon naps

:: watermelon

:: not using the hairdryer (at all!)

:: little rompers and dresses

:: flip flops

:: a two-week reprieve from the heat and a much needed northern vacation coming up next week

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