11 April 2010

Life's a Beach (part two)


Christine said...

Lovely photos! So colorful! Never been to Gulf Shores but it reminds me a lot of Destin & Seaside!

Laura Leigh Dobson said...

sweet photos . . . i love gulf shores.
i love your blog too in case you didn't know. lol

i am getting over my first trimester hump i think and it is inspiring me to restart a lot of things my blog included. . along with making granola and bread on a more *ahem" regular basis.
thanks for your inspiring photos and posts.

bethany said...

love the pics! when were you guys there? my dad and stepmom were just there last week! we went a few columbus days ago and we really like it there. not too touristy :)

Lindsay said...

Christine, it's not quite as pretty as Destin, but it's also not as crowded. Nothing quite compares to Seaside. I'd live there.

Laura, I'm glad you're feeling better. The second trimester is definitely best energywise. You also start showing but aren't enomous yet. I look forward to seeing your blog.

Bethany, Gulf Shores is a little over an hour from me -- enough for a day trip. If you come down again, we should meet up.