23 February 2010

Imperfect, But Still Cozy

For too long we've been in desperate need of cozy for the French press. The tying a dishtowel around it in hopes that the coffee stays warm routine just wasn't cutting it. So when I came across this tutorial for a knitted cozy, I ran to the store for a skein of yarn and a couple cute buttons and got to knitting. I'm not really too crazy about it, but it did keep our coffee warm this morning. It's a really quick and easy project, especially for new knitters.

While at the knitting store, I also bought a skein to knit another cowl. It's sixty degrees outside. Am I nuts? I think so, but I love this cowl so so much.

PS. I think I am an obsessive knitter.


kate ortiz said...

love it. i think i need to make another cozy, too. the one i sewed a year ago was a gift for my mom. it was quite handy while visiting, though.

julie said...

i love it. :) am bookmarking that tutorial!

Lindsay said...

Kate, what do you put on yours at home?

Julie, I'd love to see pics if you knit your own!

kate ortiz said...

actually, both omar and i are 1 cup only people in the morning. i love, love, love coffee but am done after the one cup. we both like to have coffee sometime in the afternoon, on occasion, but that would be one impressive cozy to keep it hot that long ;)

johanna said...

there are some lovely people in upstate new york who would love a hand-knit cowl from you in our decidedly non-60 degree weather!
hope all is well :)