24 February 2010

Furnished, Discussed, Doted

Welcome to our new couch. Sort of. The fabric color is right, but the couch design will look more like this. We found ourselves with an abundant refund from the Federal government and decided it was time to upgrade the couch/chair situation in our living room. Our current furniture is old -- we've had it since we married almost five years ago, and Adam's parents had it for who knows how long before that. The cushions sag, the springs boing when you sit on it, and the fabric has pilled. Suffice it to say, it's time for an upgrade. In about a month, this gorgeous green will flood our living room. Hi, green!

In other news . . .

Last night was our first book group discussion on The Time Traveler's Wife. It was insightful and interesting to hear what others thought of this book. What I'm most surprised about is how easy it is to say just say no to social drinking. I thought I'd be pining the entire time. I guess it helps to know I have Sunday to graciously break my fast and toast the resurrected Lord.

Tonight Adam and I put Lily in her jammies and headed to church. During Lent there is a bread and broth meal offered (though it was no plain broth tonight. We had the most amazing bean and sausage soup. I asked for the recipe it was so good.) and then a short service. No childcare meant a baby between us in the pew, but all the older ladies relished at the baby sounds and doted all over Lily. If she hadn't been so ready for bed, I'm sure she would have eaten it up.

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Sophia said...

It's beautiful! The next month will go slooowly, I bet! :)

post that recipe if the owner of the recipe doesn't mind, I'd love to see it.