06 January 2010

Two Things

I woke this morning knowing two things: that I would have the morning to myself and that I would finish reading my second book of the year.

Adam took care of the little girl while I went out for a bit. With a gift card in my pocket, I found myself at the bookstore browsing the aisles slowly, methodically, making sure not to miss a thing. My main objective was to find something to peruse with a hot beverage by my side, so I settled on the newest copy of Poets & Writers and a cup of tea. I sat in the cafe by the window, peering out of it from time to time, and scribbled notes on the back of my receipt, as many as I could fit.

Yesterday, Kate's post about her housekeeping journal got me thinking about keeping something similar. I haven't ever journaled per se, though I have kept notebooks with quotes and scripture in the distant past. With my scribbled notes in tow, I found myself wandering through the journals and on a whim grabbed a big, sturdy one with clean, white pages and birds on the front. I bought it, brought it home, and turned to Real Love for Real Life with my new journal beside me.

The first chapter I read today was about the importance of rest and rejuvenation for caregivers, whose jobs often offer no Sabbath or day off. In order to keep doing the work of caring for others and maintaining a home, finding rest is imperative. And I was glad that I spent the morning at the bookstore, that I had been alone, and that I had no time frame for returning home. It was, indeed, refreshing.


Laura Leigh Dobson said...

lovely thoughts. .. .

i noticed that you are currently reading Walking on Water. . . i hope you love it as much as i did!

kate o. said...

i'm loving the journal. yes, it takes a bit of time, but i've loved the few minutes i spend on it in the morning and the evening after the boys go down. yes, there is lots of repetition but that's where i am right now. and i've found i've reflected on my day in a way i rarely have before.