04 January 2010

The Kitchen Wall

What happens when a bunch of photos show up from Snapfish, photos that cost a mere nine cents a pop?

What happens when you have a boring blank wall with an ugly plug in the middle and no practical way to cover it?

What happens when a roll of masking tape is pulled from the door and ripped into loop after loop?

A kitchen wall collage is born, and is it purdy! Let's call it step one of Operation Decorate.


Sophia said...

Cute :)
Hopefully they 'stay stuck'!
If not you could try tacking a string up and hanging them with clothespins..I haven't done it but I like the look when I see it online! lol

which reminds me...I need to print some pictures!

kate o. said...

love this. i can't tell you how much i need to get online and have some pictures printed out. my boys rarely see photo albums...sad!

Anna said...

i know i already told you this on twitter, but i just love the look of all those big picture on your wall! it's so whimsical to be able to just tape them up!