02 January 2010

The First Laugh of 2010

Here's the story of the first hearty, side splitting laugh I had this year:

Adam had just laid Lily down for an afternoon nap, so we each grabbed a seat and a blanket and settled in for a nap while watching college football. As I began to doze, Adam starts telling me about his New Year's Eve. The engine he was on was summoned downtown to help with the moon pie drop. Yes, it has become an annual tradition for a 600-lb. electric moon pie to descend over Mobile Bay in honor of the new year. (Tacky, if you ask me.) Adam and his fellow firefighters were there to anchor the pie with ropes so it wouldn't sway in the wind. His job is so glamorous.

While they were there, someone mentioned the blue moon. A few guys looked at it, and one mentioned that it didn't look blue. Hmm. So, Adam explained that a blue moon isn't actually blue, that it's when two full moons make their appearance in one calendar month. After digesting this info, one of the firefighters said, "So, does that mean that if there were four full moons in a month that there would be three blue moons?"

And here's where I nearly fell off the couch laughing. Four full moons in a month? Adam said his head almost exploded, so he just replied, "Yes."


Lindsay said...

This is a very true story. Just so I can clear it up a little. He did admit that it was impossible to have 4 full moons in a calender month. Either way it really was hard not to laugh out loud.
Also the Moon Pie is raised and not lowered. Thought you might want to know.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for clearing that up. I wouldn't know because I've never been, but if you look at the photo I linked to, you can see how it says 2009 behind 2010. Hilarious.

Also, how are you logged into my account?!

Anna said...

!! what a great story. thanks for stopping in on my blog, it's nic to get to know you.