03 September 2009

Don't Stop Believin'

So, I am very much ready to move. We've been in a holding pattern for weeks -- really since the last move fell through in mid-July -- and I'm ready to get on with the program. But we're still here and we're still waiting. Earlier this week, Adam went to the new house to see if the water had been turned on and found that the air conditioning wasn't working. So we're waiting to get the green light that the air is on and we can get some cleaning done. We're hoping to be moved by Tuesday. Fingers crossed.

I cannot wait. I've just about had it with the house where we live now. The floor plan makes no sense and we don't have any closets to stash our stuff. These weren't really problems until we added a third person into the mix. Now it's a nuisance to try to take a shower because I have to go through Lily's room to get to the bathroom. Also, the door to her room leads to the kitchen, making me reluctant to make any noisy culinary creations. (Why would you put the door to a bedroom off the kitchen? Why?)

In a lot of ways, I've been feeling like my life has been in a holding pattern and I'm hoping this move will break me out of it.


kate o. said...

i totally understand the holding pattern feeling. our last house had a ridiculous floor plan - an extra door from the dining room into our bedroom? two doors for every bedroom? at least there were other aspects of it that made up for it...sort of.

and that first picture is perfect.

Alina said...

hey, thanks for the comment. let's be uncool together, shall we? :-) i just read about blogging for bliss on soulemama today. as she was talking about it i thought it sounded like a good read. did you enjoy it? find it helpful?

i, as well, love that first photo. what is it about blurred images that are so appealing?

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the compliment on the photo, you two. I love blurred images, but you can totally see the dirt on my windshield if you look closely. Oops!

Alina, Blogging for Bliss is worth flipping through, mostly for the awesome blogs featured in it. I hadn't heard of most of them. I didn't learn a whole lot from the book, though. It's mostly geared toward people who don't know what a blog is and haven't blogged before.