27 March 2009

How to Read a Book

[ Photo: Steve Mishos ]

I have an essay up at The Curator today: How to Read a Book. I spent some time musing over the importance of reading, especially because of my desire for my child to love reading. At least, I hope to instill in him or her a great appreciation for the written word, moreso that for, say, television or video games. Alissa, editor of The Curator, forwarded an email for me from The Center for the Study of Great Ideas, founded by Mortimer J. Adler, asking me to buy DVDs on the art of reading. Seems ironic to have DVDs that you watch that discuss reading.

The past days have brought lots of rain. Good news is I get to wear my wellies; bad news, our backyard is a swamp and our garden is flooded.We're hoping that our plants will survive, but they're still so small. Just the other day I was admiring how much they've grown. Now they're struggling to keep their little heads above water.

Happy Friday! Stay dry.

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Max Weismann said...

I hope you went and looked at the Adler clip, then you will see why it's not ironic.