04 August 2011

Thankful For

It's a rainy afternoon and I am sitting on the couch, book in hand. Lily looks at me and says, "I'm Lily!" I shoot Adam a smile and tell her, "Yes, you are."

I start turning pages and she climbs up into my lap with a book she frequently pulls off the bookshelf. I tell her, "Read your book and I'll read mine," and we sit together reading. I read about gratitude and joy; she points to Roman numerals and makes stories of her own.

She climbs down and I look up from my book to see her and Adam sitting at the dining room table. He is playing a game on the computer and she is coloring in a coloring book. I want to take a picture but I don't. Instead I pretend to read and listen as they chat. "What color crayon are you using?" he asks. She fervently continues coloring with the purple crayon.

I read about thankfulness and joy and grace and realize that the memory of what I am reading will be tied to this quiet family afternoon. I have much to be thankful for, but I need to dwell more in gratitude. This moment seems a good place to start.

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Christine said...

I love these kinds of moments. Well said.