02 August 2011

I'm Still Here

Sometimes I wonder why I have a blog. Trying to make sense of where I should find my value leads me to question why I keep putting myself out there. So I wade through the doubt to find what's good. The truth is I didn't start this blog for anyone else to read. I started it because I needed a place to keep track of my daily goings-on. I needed a place to cobble together a story about the beautiful things in my life. Along the way people have read and commented. I've made some friends whose encouragement seems endless. I have grown as a writer and photographer and, most importantly, as a person. And I continue to blog just because. I would keep doing it even if no one else looked at it but me.

A friend once sent me this quote:
"Art kept only for oneself is selfish. As human beings, we don't exist in a vacuum; we exist in communities and societies that rightfully demand dues. It's not an option to give those dues; it's a duty."
This space is one of many where I share what I consider to be my art. And there is the sprinkling in of my life, which in its own messy way cannot be separate from whatever I create. What I want for my life is to reflect a small portion of the beauty of the Creator. And that is why I'm still here.

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Christine said...

That quote says it so well. And I agree. Glad you're staying :) And is that your house? Gorgeous!