18 July 2011

How to Hang Photo Wires

It's no secret: I like to hang things on strings. Especially photos. At the end of my life, I want someone to find a shoebox of photos in the back of my attic that show that I lived my life well. So getting prints of my photos is important.

Displaying my photos is also important. Looking at the computer is one thing, but sitting on my couch and glancing at them is another. So when I saw the long wall in the dining room that faced the couch where I'd spend a lot of my time, I knew that's where I wanted to hang a photo wire. I can look at it all day and swap it out whenever I want. Handy.

Hanging one is easy. You need twine (or actual wire, if you're so inclined), a few nails, a yard stick or level or something to help you line up your nails (I used our Swiffer's handle), and clothespins. Figure out how far apart you want your nails and center them on the wall -- eyeballing usually works, but you need a helper. Mark the wall with pencil, hammer your nails, and tie off one side of your twine. Leave some give for your swoop and loosely tie the other side, then start hanging the photos to see how much give you have in your twine and how much of a swoop you want. Adjust from there.

When it's how you'd like it, tie the knots tight and position your photos. It's easiest to get the pictures to hang straight if you clip the photo and the twine into the lowest part of the clothespin (below the gap where the clothesline should go). It will give you the most control so you're photos aren't hanging this way and that.

See how simple (and colorful) that was?


house on hill road said...

i love this. thanks for the inspiration.

Christine said...

purty! and i really like that "peas" print on the floor.