06 January 2011

Home Decorating: Things on Strings

It was yesterday when we finally took down the Christmas decorations. We should have waited until today and pretended like we were celebrating Epiphany. The truth is, we just got lazy. The plan was to take them down on January 1.

Some things went back up to the attic and a few are still lingering around. We strung twinkle lights up over the windows in the living room, which brightens up the room quite a bit. And I took this garland that was wrapped around the tree and hung it over our bed. It's not much, but it makes our plain and boring bedroom feel a little more festive.

We now have a definite decorative theme here: things on strings. We have two inspiration wires, a banner hanging over the kitchen window, twinkle lights in the living room, and now this garland over our bed. Apparently, bakers' twine can be a very dangerous thing.

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