13 June 2011

The Eastman House, Film, and Photography Love

Yesterday I took the afternoon to wander around the George Eastman House, looking at photographs and taking photographs. Many times I've visited, but never with camera in hand, never with a real interest in any of it.

I had read in the paper that Steve McCurry was giving a lecture at five o'clock about his shooting the last roll of Kodachrome film that was ever developed. Count this among the reasons I'm glad we're back in Rochester. The lecture was fantastic, energizing, and humbling. I have so much to learn about taking photographs and honestly I was far more fascinated by his discussion of craft than his descriptions of his subjects. The story behind this photo, though, was as captivating as the photo itself.

I don't know what, if anything, I'll ever do with all this photo making. All I know is that I love taking photographs. I love that there is so much to learn. I love the trial and error. I love the good shot and the bad. I love that it's often simpler than writing but just as profound. Mostly, I love the deep satisfaction I get from capturing the beautiful things in this world.

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A. Jarrett said...

I sometimes ask myself the same thing, Lindsay - what I'll do with all of this. But my answer is the same, I simply love it.

And I would have given anything to attend that lecture with you!