07 April 2011

Round Here

They are painting the pink house next door a duskier shade of pink. More brown than pink, but maybe I can say that because I've looked at the bubblegum pink it every day for the past year and a half.

Lily asks every afternoon to see the doggies in the neighbor's yard (at the pink house, ahem), but we haven't seen them because of the painters. The painters have quite the salty mouths, by the way, but they listen to some cool classic rock all day.

We've been working on "Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and after I searched the song on youtube, this is what came up. I'm grateful that we don't watch much TV.

I do wish we watched more of this. And also this.

I've been in the middle of these three books, but can't seem to find the time or energy to make much headway. I desperately need a day alone in a hammock.

I've written two articles and graded twenty papers in the last two days. My free time is spent watching Lie to Me on Netflix, but I'm anxious to watch the latest season of Mad Men, whenever it gets here.

Lily and I watched this video, a song we've sung many times, but watching this makes me embarrassed about my lack of flexibility. (How does she do that in heels?) I prefer this version. The video is better for my self-esteem.

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kate o. said...

who doesn't need a little more swedish chef in their life?

i pushed through about 4 books recently and now have hit a wall. i've taken up knitting something rather mindless in order to keep my fingers busy while watching "battlestar galactica" (not sure if i should be embarrassed about that one...) and the latest "mad men" season. dang that show is depressing.