04 December 2010

Seeing Santa

Seeing Santa didn't go exactly as planned.

Last night we walked down Royal Street and past all the long lines to sit on Santa's lap, ride the train, and see the Grinch. We saw fake snow and got to dance in the street to Jingle Bell Rock, but Lily didn't get to really see Santa.

This morning, in a short stop at the mall, Lily and I caught the end of a Christmas parade and then learned that it costs $14.99 for one 5x7 photo with Santa (and no personal cameras allowed). That is a lot for one photo. Ridiculous, actually.

Later I saw online that a local photo shop was giving a free 5x7 to anyone who wanted a picture with Santa today. Even though Adam is at work all day, I took Lily anyway. I put her on Santa's lap, or tried to, but she held on to me as tightly as she could and then howled. Nothing's changed from last year. So she and I sat in Santa's chair while he stood behind us (like this) and we had our picture taken.

And that is how we saw Santa this year.

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Jean said...

i think santa's kinda scary looking too :) love the pretty christmas light banner, lindsay.