03 December 2010

Friday Happiness

This morning I woke with a particular dream I had on my mind. I had run into Ashley Ann from Under the Sycamore and it turned out that she lived in my town. So I followed her around and we shot photos and I told her about all of the tutorial posts from her blog that had helped me as a photographer. I also told her how much I loved her blog and how much a friend of mine does too.

A few days ago this friend and I talked at length about this blog and how helpful it's been. I guess I needed a few days and a good night's sleep to process it. If you're photographically inclined, Under the Sycamore is a good blog to follow.


Today is a good day. It's my last Friday of teaching for the semester. Adam and I dangled twinkly lights around the living room and put out the soft trees. Tonight we are headed to the North Poll Stroll downtown and Santa will be there. Hopefully, this year, that's good news and Lily won't have a nervous breakdown like she did, not once but twice last year.


kate o. said...

tell her i said hi, next time.

Lindsay said...

Next time, we'll make it a dream date and you can tell her yourself. ;)