28 December 2010

Perseverance, Character, Hope

Adam and I finally renewed our long-expired membership to the YMCA. It lapsed about a year ago. This year, in lieu of a gym membership, I ran a lot. Now I'm having problems with my feet that have made running all but excruciating. I haven't exercised in a month.

So when I climbed on the stationary bike to take a spinning class this morning, my whole body exhaled. I've always been a gym rat. I love going to the gym. I love sweating. I love pushing myself to see what I'm capable of. Someday I'd like to be in good enough shape to run a half marathon or do a triathlon (if my feet can stand it). And spinning is my favorite class.

The class started, we all got going, and all I could think was perseverance produces character. It should have been the mantra for my year, not just today's spinning class. Persevere. Push through. Trust that you'll make it. You'll be better on the other side.

So I did.

I did this morning as I slugged through a tough workout.

I did this year as I slugged through a tough season in my life. I wrestled with my creative callings, made and lost friends, dealt with pain from my past, lost more sleep than I could ever make up for, and found help to make it through.

So, yeah. Perseverance. It's something to be mindful of, but mostly because of what follows: character and hope. I'd like to think that I have more character, better character, because of the struggles of this year. I'd like to think, too, that I have more character because I worked out really hard this morning. If nothing else, I have more confidence because I have made it through trying times (in both cases -- don't laugh, my workout was hard!).

And then, there's hope. The way I see it, 2011 will be a year of hope, indeed.

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