27 December 2010

For the Love of Beer

This Christmas was the Christmas of beer, for sure. Instead of doing the regular wine and cheese routine -- which we enjoy, don't get me wrong -- we opted for a mixed bag of fancy beer and pulled pork sandwiches a la The Splendid Table. Then yesterday, after being housebound for too many days, we went out to a favorite pizza joint that has half-price drafts on Sundays and a beer selection that only a beer enthusiast could love.

As Adam and I drank our beers -- mine a Great Divide Fresh Hop, Adam's a St. Bernardus Abt 12 -- I remarked that we seem to have become quite the beer connoisseurs this year, able to discern and choose wisely which beers we'll most enjoy. He prefers beer rich in hops or dark and malty. I like hops, too, but also enjoy any beer made with wheat. Good things to know when making the great leap of faith that is trying a new beer.

What was most interesting, I think, is that we agreed that on any given day, if we were just going to have a drink or two at the end of the day, we both prefer red wine, usually Yellow Tail (because it's always on sale at Rite Aid). But if we're going to go out and enjoy a good adult beverage, we both want a good cold beer.

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