13 November 2010

Last Week

Thankfully after we got through a few tough sick days, last week was fantastic. Really. I made a point to be extra kind to myself, even to the point of being a little extravagant. I took myself out to lunch twice, went out into the woods and shot an entire roll of film in two days, and spent a lot of time resting.

It's funny that having not having Adam here gave me room to do these things guilt-free. He doesn't put pressure on me to not do them -- in fact, he encourages me to get out alone often -- but when he's home I want to spend time with him, which makes taking time to be alone, to play, and to eat lunch in a cafe less enticing. But these things are wholly necessary to my general well-being and sanity. Being a happy mama makes a big difference, to me and my family.

And, of course, it's good to have Adam back. Really, really good.


natalie said...

I've been enjoying your beautiful film photos and writings about life. thanks for sharing them with us!

Christine said...

That last photo...wow. I'm lost in all those sparkles of light! And I can completely identify in needing time to be alone, play, be creative...it's so important to keep that side alive so we have something to pour out. I really believe it.