11 October 2010

The Last Year of My Twenties

Yesterday I turned 29.
So begins the last year of my twenties.
I have a husband I adore
and one baby who is almost not a baby
We spent the weekend
at the market and watching baseball,
drinking beer and eating the most amazing cheese.
Adam baked me a cake
and though there were no candles
it was perfect.

But what pleased me most
were the phone calls,
ones I didn't expect
from people I love dearly.

This year I learned
that I am able to do more than I think,
that I can run far and travel alone,
that if I follow my heart
it will take me farther than I
could ever

And yesterday was
a day I was excited was mine.
And it was a very fine day indeed.

1 comment:

kate o. said...

wonderful post! and a happy belated birthday do you. love that adam made you a cake. and this is a great picture. kiss to lily.