07 October 2010

Fall bits

Fall is certainly here. I have spent cool mornings outside, wearing a sweater and sipping pumpkin coffee. The front door is almost always open to let fresh air in. The (light) scarves are within arm's reach. Pure joy!

Lily and I spent fall break in south Florida visiting Kate. As un-fall-like as the weather was, the trip was splendid. Lily even saw the ocean for the first time, and got a face full of sand and salt water. She didn't seem to mind.

These two essays from Art House Blog are fantastic. So is the NPR series on the middle class that featured this morning a family that is choosing to "live in the middle." And this TED talk on how we arrive at good ideas is interesting.

Community has quickly become Adam and my new favorite show. So funny. And, yes, we know we're a year late.

This weekend we will go to the fall market and the pumpkin patch. We will watch lots of football and wish it was cold enough for a fire. And we will celebrate my birthday, most likely with a home cooked meal and good beer.

1 comment:

kate o. said...

i like to think that because i keep waiting and stewing and thinking about that TED talk that it will be even better once i get around to watching it ;)