19 October 2010

Fall Table

Our dining room is tiny. It fits a small table, a high chair, and a dresser pushed into the corner. It is so small that the table we used in our last residence would have taken up so much room that walking from the kitchen to the living room would be impossible. And that table was a standard size.

We have a new table, which fits the room and fits us, a small family. After many years of eating while balancing a plate on our laps (which we are still known to do from time to time), we now spend much of our time at this table.

I wish I had something profound to say about the table, but what I have to say is nothing new. The table is important. It's a staple of our daily routine. I, as wife and main maker of our home, feel it's my responsibility to keep it appealing and welcoming, for myself as much as any member of this family.

So I've taken to the idea of linens and placemats and centerpieces. And our fall table is a lot of orange, a color that doesn't have much of a place in our home. It seems that it's a good thing, a fresh start to a new phase in the year. A reminder that things are changing.

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