18 October 2010

Autumn Days

It's comforting to wake in the morning while the sun is still climbing above the horizon. Where we live the horizon is tucked behind rows of houses, but I imagine by the time we see the sun's first rays slicing across the living room floor that the horizon line hadn't seen in much sooner. In the summer I don't wake early enough to catch these first moments. Now that autumn's days are shortening, I catch them every day.

Many trees have already shed their leaves -- brown, crunchy leaves that do little to add to autumn's decor. Those trees are bare and boring. Others hold their changing leaves up like a torch, and each time I see one I am grateful. It's this time of year when I am sad we left the north, with its cool days and many colors. Here the colorful trees are out of place, a small reminder of home.

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