09 September 2010

Beach Morning

Pinwheel Little beach baby Into the water My sweethearts
Another first for us: we took Lily to the beach this morning. Between the oil spill, the scooching, and the fact that Lily was still taking two naps a day until a few weeks ago, we just didn't make going to the beach a priority this year. Even though it's 45 minutes away.

Lily had a blast. It was her first time at the beach since she was an itty bitty thing. She walked in sand and shoveled sand and ate lots of sand. We swam. Adam tried to catch blue crabs. It was fun.

The good thing about going to the beach in September is that there is almost no one there. It's the off season, and we're -- dare I say it? -- locals. And having jobs that give us a morning at the beach on a Thursday isn't a bad deal. Not at all.

1 comment:

bethany said...

i relish days like that with my family. i bet no one in the world knew where you were at that exact moment. some little secret that just the three of you shared.