08 September 2010

Acts of Creation

Refurbished dishtowels
Read recently on a bottle cap: Find Salvation Through Acts of Creation

The past few days have been a bit rough (all baby walking, aside). I've been reading and working through Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way, and last week I got to the section on reading deprivation. No reading for a week. Also, no excessive TV watching. Find other things to do, things that do not suck away time and creative energy. So I put down my books, swore off internet perusing and social networking (mostly), and turned off the TV.

What was left was a lot of time to think, journal, and tinker around the house. I hung pictures in the bathroom and a new photo wire in the bedroom. I refurbished some boring white dishtowels and made a banner to hang over the kitchen sink in place of curtains. I came up with a new furniture arrangement for our bedroom. I took the end tables outside and started sanding. And I made cinnamon rolls from scratch.

When I read the bottle cap, it seemed just right. Creating, making, reconstructing -- these are rehumanizing, redemptive acts. They do not replace the salvation we find in Christ but seem to enhance it. Cameron writes a lot about God working through us in our creativity, that we co-create with him. The act of creation is a spiritual one. I like that.
Not curtains, but . . .

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