09 August 2010

The Swing of Things

Monday morning
It's official. Vacation is over. Adam went back to work, Lily started back at Mom's Day Out, and our fall routine has begun. Of course it's very un-fall-like outside, but today is the first day of the school year. I start teaching in two short weeks, and there is still so much to do. As this morning proved, though, the toughest of all things might be trying to establish our new routine.

I've been really nervous about all of this. Not that we haven't been in the throes of lots of change this summer, but I'm navigating new waters here -- going back to regular work, teaching a class I've never taught before, Lily's ever-changing moods, Adam's increasingly crazy work schedule, and a very hyper and disobedient dog.

I'm trying to not get overwhelmed. There's lots of prayer involved.

1 comment:

kate o. said...

i'm so glad you got to have such a relaxing vacation! omar is off for a whole week in a week or so and we decided to just stay put. i hope we can actually rest!

i hope you find your new routine soon and that it eases things a bit.

her chubby arms and wrists and that cute hair clip are precious ;)